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Succeeded two experiments at SC16 held in Salt Lake City
13-18 November 2016

NICT has participated in “The International Conference for High-Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC16) “which was held between 14th to 17th November in Salt Lake City, Utah. NICT has extended its JGN testbed environment to the US and demonstrated experiments in collaboration with several organizations. SC is the largest conference for the field of Super Computing and more than 350 exhibitors are participated and attracted more than 12,000 attendees this year.

To demonstrate the experiments, we have established parallel 100Gbps networks between Tokyo and Salt Lake City venue with the collaboration of Japan and the US.

In this experimental demonstration, we have established parallel 100Gbps networks connecting Tokyo and the venue in Salt Lake City. This was made possible by collaboration with domestic and overseas organizations in the academic field such as SINET5; the network for academic use which is operated by National Institute of Informatics (NII) and other cooperative organization’s networks.

Processing 8K Ultra-high resolution computer graphic images with real-time rendering system from motion capture data were installed several sites in the US and Japan and transmitted the uncompressed data through remote distribution system on real-time.

The video transmission experiment was realized by research collaborations between NICT and Kanagawa Institute of Technology and other organizations.

In this experiment, 8K camera and 8K video contents were installed in Kanagawa Institute of Technology and NICT’s StarBED. At the exhibition booth, a tester wore a motion capture sensor which is still in the process of R&D by KAIT and transmitted captured data to Japan. Conducted 8K real-time computer graphic rendering using the transmitted data and combined with captured data in Japan. These 8K video data sources were successively switching from one to another and encrypted at JGN access point, decrypted at the venue in the US. With this whole process made the real-time distribution possible. The one video stream data is up to about 26Gbps. The demonstration through 8K display monitor at the exhibition booth attracted many visitors.

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