Research Papers

Here, we list research papers about JGN2plus. <As of March, 2011>
Please refer to the details of the research paper from the following links.

No Title Author Presented At: Date
1 Multi-ASON and GMPLS Network Domain Interworking Challenges Satoru Okamoto IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE June 1, 2008
2 Accuracy-Based Cache Consistency Management for Numerical Object Replication Hideya Ochiai The 2008 International Symposium on Applications and The Internet July 30, 2008
3 An Application of the NAREGI Grid Middleware to a Nationwide Joint-Use Environment for Computing Eisaku Sakane High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2008 October 29, 2008
4 Mobility Entropy and Message Routing in Community-Structured Delay Tolerant Networks Hideya Ochiai Asian Internet Engineering Conference 2008 @(AINTEC2008) November 19, 2008
5 ATMOS: A middleware for Transparent MObile ad-hoc networking Systems Sho Fujita ACM International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (ICUIMC) January 9, 2009
6 PIAX: Toward a Framework for Sensor Overlay Network Yuichi Teranishi IEEE CCNC 2009 DAS-P2P 2009 January 13, 2009
7 Message Routing on Potential-Fields in Forwarding-Based DTNs Hideya Ochiai ACM International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (ICUIMC) January 15, 2009
8 Field Trial Evaluation of a Location-aware Social Capital Service Yuichi Teranishi ISADS 2009 March 23, 2009
9 Experiment of deploying perfSONAR at SC08 Yasuichi Kitamura APAN annual meeting/Conference July 20, 2009
10 A Buffer Control Method Mitigating Effects of Contention between High-speed Transport Protocols in Long-distance Broadband Networks Jin Hirose 2009 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing August 24, 2009
11 Toward Open Facility Networking: Semantics Management for Higher-Level Interoperability Hideya Ochiai Asia Future Internet August 26, 2009
12 Virtual Segment: Store-Carry-Forward Relay-Based Support for Wide-Area Non-Real-time Data Exchange Shinya Yamamura WIND'09 ,INCos 2009 November 4, 2009
13 Integrating Multiple and Heterogeneous Challenged Networks for Large-Sized Data Transfer Akira Nagata INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT NETWORKING AND COLLABORATIVE SYSTEMS (INCoS 2009) November 4, 2009
14 perfSONAR: Project Implemented through International Collaboration with Vietnam for Developing and R&D Network Yasuichi Kitamura AFICT2009 December 9, 2009
15 DTIPN: Delay Tolerant IP Networking for Opportunistic Network Applications Hideya Ochiai ACM MobiOpp 2010 February 22, 2010
16 A Large Scale Key-value Store based on Range-key Skip Graph and its Applications Susumu Takeuchi Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA) April 02, 2010
17 Deployment of a Programmable Network for a Nation wide R&D Network Yoshihiko Kanami IEEE/IFIP NOMS・Management of the Future Internet April 19, 2010
18 An STP Semantic Web Technique and Service Using RSS1.0 and RDF Takeshi Murata Review of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology: Volume 55, Nos. 1-4 April 26, 2010
19 An Examination of Sensor Data Collection Method for Spatial Interpolation on Hierarchical Delaunay Overlay Network Jun Shinomiya 3rd International Workshop on Sensor Network Technologies for Information Explosion Era (SeNTIE 2010) May 23, 2010
20 A Remote Swap Management Framework in a Virtual Machine Cluster Tsuyoshi Okuda The 3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing (IEEE CLOUD 2010) July 09, 2010
21 Digital Signage with Audience Detection using TV Broadcasting Waves Kaori Maeda SAINT2010 C3Net July 19, 2010
22 A Self-Localization Method Using Propagation of Existence Probability Kentaro Fujiwara The 10th Annual International Symposium on Applications and the Internet July 20, 2010
23 Integrating Multiple and Heterogeneous Challenged Networks Experimental evaluation using Satellite link KIZUNA(WINDS) Akira Nagata IEICE Technical Committee on Network Systems September 02, 2010
24 Case Study of Vehicle-Based Virtual Segment Architecture Shinya Yamamura IEICE Technical Committee on Network Systems September 02, 2010
25 Information Sharing with Identifiers Representing Human Interests in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks Kei Onishi International Seminar on Intelligent Systems September 05, 2010
26 Proposal of a User Search Method Based on Movement Records Utilizing Bloom Filter for P2P Network Tooru Shiraki IPSJ Journal, Information Processing Society of Japan September 15, 2010
27 Introducing Virtualization Technologies into ICT Testbeds and Its Technical Issues Eiji Kawai IEICE Communications Society September 15, 2010
28 Cloud and Data Center Tatsuya Yamazaki The 71st Autumn Meeting, 2010 (The Japan Society of Applied Physics) September 15, 2010
29 ICT in Japanese Museums: a Strategic and Contextual Survey Carillo Erminia 11th VAST International Symposium on Virtual Reality,, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage September 21, 2010
30 PANEL: The state of DTN Evaluation Brenton Walker ACM Mobicom Workshop on Challenged Networks (CHANTS2010) September 24, 2010
31 Packet-Level Forward Erasure Correction with User Fairness in Lossy Wireless Networks Kenji Hisamatsu Wireless Distributed Networks 2010 September 26, 2010
32 Making history alive and interactive Integrating iPhone and Tiled DispLay Wall system to present the Summer War of Osaka byobus Carillo Erminia The 16th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia October 22, 2010
33 Toward Large-Scale Programmable Networks: Lessons Learned Through the Operation And Management of a Wide-Area Openflow-Based Network Yoshihiko Kanami The 6th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2010) October 26, 2010
34 A Distributed Location-Dependent Content Management Mechanism on Geographical Overlay Networks Komoya Kawakami DPS Workshop 2010 (DPSWS2010) October 28, 2010
35 A Field Experience on DTN-Based Sensor Data Gathering in Agricultural Scenarios Hideya Ochiai IEEE Sensors 2010 November 02, 2010
36 A proposal of disaster information system based on the internet technologies Kei Hiroi IEEE Sensors 2010 November 03, 2010
37 Asynchronous Memory Management without Data Preservation Eiji Kawai IEICE SIG: Computer Systems November 12, 2010
38 Integrating Multiple and Heterogeneous Challenged Networks -- Detailed Design and Experimental Evaluation using Satellite Link -- Akira Nagata The Third International Workshop on Information Network Design (WIND2010) November 24, 2010
39 Case Study on Vehicle-based Virtual Segment Architecture On application "field experiment" and simulation Shinya Yamamura The Third International Workshop on Information Network Design (WIND2010) November 24, 2010
40 Applying Overlay Networks to Ubiquitous Sensor Management Satoshi Matsuura Wireless Sensor Network Technologies for the information Explosion Era November 29, 2010
41 A Mechanism of Flexible Memory Exchange in Cloud Computing Environments Tsuyoshi Okuda 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science November 30, 2010
42 A Large Scale Content-Based Network Considering Publish/Process/Subscribe Satoshi Matsuura GlobeCom2010 ASIT2010 December 06, 2010
43 Range-Key Extension of the Skip Graph Yoshimasa Ishi IEEE GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS CONFERENCE 2010 December 07, 2010
44 A filtering method considering DTN environments on high density sensor networks Kenji Matsuo IEICE Technical Committee on Internet Architecture December 17, 2010
45 Virtual Segment: Store-Carry-Forward Relay-Based Support for Wide-Area Non-Real-Time Data Exchange Shinya Yamamura Elsevier-Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory January 01, 2011
46 Consideration of Peer Search Method for Estimable Approximate Number of Peer on P2P Network Tooru Shiraki DEIM2010 -The Second Forum on Data Engineering and Information Management- February 28, 2011