Overview on JGN2plus
JGN2plus looks for the visions of the future ICT society through activities in R&D and the future of New Generation Network

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has launched the operation of research and development testbed network, JGN2plus, which further extends the capabilities of JGN2.

NICT Otemachi will be the center of R&D activities which will drive the wide research collaboration activities with the industry, the academia, the government and regional organizations.



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Activities toward New Generation Network

What's JGN2plus?

JGN2plus is a three-year project starting from April, 2008 which consists of activities and operations of an open testbed network for R&D. JGN2plus extends the activities which started in as JGN from 1999, and continued as JGN2 from 2004.

JGN2plus will support NICT's driving activities for the development of the New Generation Network, and is the core of the new research center (NICT Otemachi). It is also an open testbed network to researchers for advance R&D activities in networking, field tests, and experiments for various applications.


Activities of JGN2plus

To promote active research and development aiming for New Generation Network, JGN2plus will drive activities based on the following items:

  1. Collaboration with industry, academia, government, regional organizations to drive the activities toward New Generation Network, R&D on network and applications.
  2. Through field research activities, fostering of IT researchers.
  3. Activities with regional organizations through R&D activities and network interconnections through PAP*1/PNW*2.
  4. Promotion of application R&D activities using JGN2plus with public awarded research funds.
  5. Promote R&D activities not only inside Japan but also researchers worldwide with implementation of international circuits.


Establishment of NICT Otemachi, Center of R&D

To efficiently promote of R&D activities using JGN2plus, NICT Otemachi has been established.

  1. Main research theme is "Research on Operations and Management Technologies for New Generation Network."
  2. We will further promote R&D activities inside NICT Otemachi by setting 6 research topics*3 to be focused on.

*1: PAP/ Partnership Access Point

*2: PNW/ Partnership Network

*3: 6 research topics/ Refer to "NICT Otemachi's Research Themes and 6 Research Topics" for details.