Research and Development with NICT Otemachi

JGN2plus project has its own research project under NICT Otemachi with the theme "Research and Development on Operations and Management for New Generation Network (NWGN)."  It has 6 research topics under the theme, as described on the right figure.
NICT Otemachi will promote research aiming for NWGN by collaborating with: various NWGN forums, oversea development projects, public funded research projects, JGN2plus research projects.

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Research Projects Supported

Research Themes and 6 Research Topics

1. Research Theme
Research and development on New Generation Network's operation and maintenance technologies

2. Research Topics

  1. R&D on NWGN Service Platform Fundamental Technology
    - Distributed Data Fusion Technology
    - Structured / Adjustable Overlay Technology
  2. R&D on NWGN Service Testbed Federation Technology
    - Multi-Layer Overlay Network Integration and Evaluation Technology
  3. R&D on Middleware and Application of Optical Path
    - Cutting-Edge Application
    - Interoperability and Standardization
  4. Establishment of Translational Technologies for NWGN Operation
    - Network Measurement Technology
    - Traffic Management
    - P2P Traffic Engineering
    - NGN / IMS and SIP Operation Technology
  5. International Federation of Testbed
    - Understanding Usage and Performance / Network Control
    - Field Test and Evaluation of Network Methods
  6. Research and Development on the Integrated Wired and Wireless Network Service Platform
    - Wide-Area Information Routing Technology for Integrated Wired and Wireless Networks
    - Data Transfer Technology Based on the Multi-Network Integration and the Store-Carry-Forward Scheme
  7. Cloud computing architecture with flexible network control
    - Control mechanisms for cloud testbed infrastructure
    - Harmonization techniques for networking and computing
    - Robust communication mechanisms for distributed cloud computing