CyReal Demonstration Environment (Overview) since around April 2023~To be provided

The CyReal Demonstration Environment will be implemented on the "large-scale computer environment" of StarBED and will provide a platform for CyReal environments that enables to import physical events envisionning the verification of IoT and CPS related technologies through introducing simulative elements. We are developing CyReal as a platform for a cyclical evolution, by introducing flexibly new functions including CyReal's components.

Characteristics of CyReal Demonstration Environment under development

Capability of deploying OS and applications by assigning bare metal nodes on StarBED

  • Users can install and run necessary programs on PCs of StarBED. The environment will be automatically constructed by inputting OS installation information. Because StarBED's PCs are ordinary computers, installing OS like Linux to control the program's behavior or configure OS/application settings are possible.

Environment construction and verification automated by support software, enabling to install disk images, configure switches and execute commands on each node.

  • Communication through the CyReal’s control platform with simulators, emulators and physical devices is possible. Elements need to be connected with an SSH command control agent and dedicated APIs depending on the element. The communication interface for the control is basically specified by the NICT but could also be defined by the user.

Possibility of bringing in and connecting hardware with standard interfaces.

  • Connecting user owned equipment to a free port of our network devices or StarBED's PC interfaces is possible.
    * Needs to be configured.

Procedures for use

Detailed information about procedures for using the CyReal Demonstration Environment will be disclosed on this website as soon as preparations are made.
If you have any questions, please contact the following.

Contact for consultation and inquiries

ICT Testbed Research and Development Promotion Center
NICT’s Integrated Testbed Secretariat
Email: tb-info[at]
* Please send it with @ for [at].