DCCS(Data Centric Cloud Service)

DCCS is a testbed enabling development of applications and services using various data and functions by providing them to users as a Web API.

DCCS Features

  • Testbed for creation of services combining diverse data and Beyond 5G
  • Providing value of using NICT's strengths, such as NICT-owned data and advanced technologies
  • Development environment for new services using B5G networks
  • Rapid verification and introduction into practical use encouraging new services, by accumulating and sharing application samples and use cases with users.
  • Data and functions development in cooperation with external organizations( Testbed Sub-Committee, joint research, etc.)

System Overview

In conjunction with the network layer and the middleware layer, we provide a development environment combining B5G networks with diverse data and its analysis mechanism for data linkage application services, contributing to service creation in the B5G era.

DCCS includes the following modules and functions.

Module/Function Overview
Integrated APIs provides Web APIs as a unified endpoint allowing access to data and functions.
Data linkage and analysis Provides functions to recognize, discover, and predict occurring events by combining and analyzing diverse data.
These functions uses the xData platform to collect and combine IoT data from diverse fields to perform real space analysis of complex situations.
Developer Portal Provides useful information for development, such as Web API usage and sample apps that can be used as application template.
Platforms Provides via integrated APIs various data and functions developed inside and outside NICT. The platforms listed in the table below will be provided.
System Overview

The following platforms are to be provided.

Platform (PF) Overview
Multilingual speech recognition, synthesis, and translation PF
(To be prepared)
Provides multilingual speech translation services (speech recognition, multilingual translation, speech synthesis).
SpatioTemporal Data GIS PF
(To be prepared)
Provides maps and geographic data (block boundaries, historical administrative boundaries, etc.), meteorological data (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, etc.), and functions that utilize these data.
B5G linked PF
(To be prepared)
Provides functions that enable development and verification using the B5G mobile environment without being conscious of network layer processing.

We will keep offering additional platforms to expand available data and functions.

Offered Services

Initial services

As the first step, we provide a development environment (WebAPI service) for systems that predict weather and environmental data. In addition, we also provide a system that predicts the Air Quality Index (AQI), which indicates the quality of the atmosphere, as a base or reference sample application for user development. By using these development environments and sample applications, users can develop prediction systems using data collected independently.

WebAPI service

Procedures for use

For questions about the DCCS, please feel free to contact the following.

Contact for consultation and inquiries

Integrated Test Bed Research and Development Promotion Center
NICT’s Integrated Testbed Secretariat
Email: tb-info[at]ml.nict.go.jp
* Please send it with @ for [at].