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Basic Policy
Basic Policy
Basic Policy
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Basic Policy of JGN2 and Activities are indicated as shown below.
Bacic Policy

In the JGN2 project, various activities have been conducted for the purpose of contributing to the future IT society, implementing extensive R&D of Information Communication Technology (ICT), collaborating with the industry, the academia, the government and regional organizations, activating regional activities, fostering human resource and promoting the international collaboration and cooperation.



[Contributing to the Future IT Society]
Help an overview of the future IT presented to enable the society and its citizens to envisage the future IT society through holding JGN2 symposiums.

[Implementing Extensive R&D of ICT]
Carry out R&D of ICT and demonstrative experimental testing in various fields, taking advantage of the characteristics of the JGN2 such as an open testbed network for R&D.

[Collaborating with the Industry, the Academia, the Government and Regional Organizations]
Activate research and development by promoting the JGN2 network in collaboration with various institutions of the industry, the academia, the government and regional organizations.

[Activation Regional Activities]
Collaborate with regional conferences and local information highways while utilizing the research centers of JGN2 for the R&D in regional areas, supporting R&D activities through NICT facilities and promoting regional collaboration.

[Fostering Human Resource]
Promote the exchange and collaboration of human resources in various fields through the practical R&D and demonstrative experimental testing to use the real environment.

[Promoting the International Collaboration and Cooperation]
Promote the R&D utilizing the JGN2 international circuits with USA, Singapore and Thailand for contributing to collaboration and cooperation of standardization activities.

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