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JGN2 Network Utilization Procedure
JGN2 Network Utilization Procedure
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In principle, anyone can utilize JGN2 for research and development. However, the user must be a person who is specified in a joint research contract with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as NICT) or a person who is appointed by NICT for the research and development performed by NICT itself. Users are expected to prepare access lines to a certain Access Point (AP). In utilizing the JGN2 network, it is required for users to comply with "JGN2 Utilization Guidance".

Any user who wants to utilize the JGN2 network should submit the Application Forms: [Appendix-2a: Research Project Overview] and [Appendix-2b: Research Organization Information] completed to the JGN2 center, which will confirm that the contents of the submitted research plan are for research and development purposes and that its technical connectivity has no problem. When these conditions are satisfied, the Application Forms can be accepted anytime.

In case the user who previously signed a joint research contract plans to utilize the JGN2 network for an event and the like, [Appendix-7: JGN2 Event Utilization Application] should be submitted in each case

Remarks: Data mentioned above as [ ] is available from the page of "Required Documents".
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