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JGN2 Network Topology
JGN2 Network Topology
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The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology or NICT (President: Dr. Hideo Miyahara) has launched the JGN2 project with an open testbed network which aims to realize the research and development for Information Communication Technology since April 2004 following the project of JGN (Japan Gigabit Network) from April 1999 to March 2004. In collaboration with the industry, the academia, the government and regional organizations, the JGN2 project has been urging onward a broad spectrum of activities from the basic or fundamental research and development to the demonstrative experimental testing towards practicalities, fostering the research of network-related technologies with diverse ranged applications for the next generation.

In principle, the JGN2 testbed network can be utilized by any user if its utilization purpose is research and development. In order to utilize the JGN2 testbed network, at first, the user must submit a complete "Application Form" to the NICT JGN2 Center. After that, a joint research contract must be signed between the NICT and the user.

For the demonstrative experimental testing, Ethernet Connection Service (L2 Service), IP Connection Service (L3 Service) are provided in all the access points and also OXC Connection Service, 10Gbps Connection Service and Optical Testbed Service with dark fiber are provided through the certain access points.

The JGN2 testbed network provides the nationwide access point (s) in each prefecture (Total: 64), the super-high-speed backbone network up to 20Gbps (10Gbps x 2), the international circuits linking USA and Asia (Thailand and Singapore).

Furthermore, seven NICT research centers of research and development are also being provided in collaboration with the JGN2.

As for the JGN2 service in detail, please refer to the following.

JGN2 Services Available

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