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JGN2 Research Center, etc.
JGN2 Research Center, etc.
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At seven Research Centers established throughout Japan, the basic and fundamental research which is difficult for private sectors to perform is being conducted to aim further advancement of network-related technologies and development of diverse applications.

The researchers concerned consist of 13 Researchers belonging to the Research Centers and 80 Guest Researchers (As of October 31, 2006), and the research and development, from their specialized perspectives, is being conducted in collaboration between the research groups. Moreover the framework which allows to obtain research performances from wider view has been established in accordance with the content and progress of research themes.

On this page, research performances which are obtained at the Research Centers mentioned above will be introduced. For further information, please click the link shown below.

Speaker Event Date Title
Kyushu Research Center
Hiroyuki Koga
MobiHoc 2006 May 22-25, 2006 Handover Management based on the Number of Frame Retransmissions for VoWLANs
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