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JGN2 Network Topology
JGN2 Network Topology
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The JGN2 testbed network is implemented with Dark Fiber in Layer1, Ethernet by OXC in Layer2 and the IPv6/IPv4 dual stack in Layer3.

The JGN2 testbed network is built up with L2SW as connection unit, MPLS router, OXC unit and GMPLS, and 64 access points have been installed throughout the country. The main zone connecting nodes has the backbone of 1Gbps-20Gbps and the other zones have respective 100Mbps.

There are two JGN2 NOCs (Network Operation Centers) in Otemachi, Tokyo respectively for domestic circuits and for international circuits. They undertake all operation and management such as troubleshooting, path setting and so forth.

The operation and management of the JGN2 testbed networks linking Japan (Otemachi) with USA (Chicago) and Asia (Singapore and Thailand) are being conducted by International JGN2 NOC in collaboration with Domestic JGN2 NOC.

The JGN2 testbed network is also built up with Optical Testbed by using dirk fibers for certain access points: Otemachi RC-Tsukuba RC; Otemachi RC-NICT Koganei; Otemachi RC-Akihabara; Tsukuba RC-Akihabara; NICT Keihanna-Dojima (Osaka).

Furthermore, the JGN2 international circuits have been launched as: Chicago-Tokyo 10Gbps (OC-192 SONET) from August 2004; Singapore-Tokyo 155Mbps (OC-3 SONET) from November 2005; Bangkok-Tokyo 45Mbps (ATM) from November 2005. These international circuits have enabled joint researches between domestic research institutions and foreign research institutions.

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[History as for JGN2 Network]

  • April 1999 to March 2004: Operation of JGN (Japan Gigabit Network)
  • April 2004: Inauguration of JGN2 Network
  • August 2004: Inauguration of Japan-USA 10Gbps Circuit
  • November 2005: Inauguration of Japan-Asia (Thailand, Singapore)
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