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JGN2 Intl. Network Structure

In the JGN2 project, three international circuits are being operated and managed respectively between Japan-USA, Japan-Thailand, Japan-Singapore. These JGN2 international circuits have enabled to be utilized for the collaborative research between domestic research organization and overseas research organizations.

The latest international network structure as of May, 2006 is shown on the right side.


JGN2 International Network Structure
JGN2 International Network Structure
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Circuit Name Connection Zone Network Specification Operation Starting time
JP-US Circuit Tokyo-Chicago 10Gbps (OC-192 SONET) Aug. 2004
JP-TH Circuit Tokyo-Bangkok 45Mbps (ATM) Nov. 2005
JP-SG Circuit Tokyo-Singapore 155Mbps (OC-3 SONET) Nov. 2005
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